WULFE TAILS - We will feed your "CRACK" addiction
Floggers come in a variety of leathers, weights and feels.  I usually have a variety in stock at any given point in time.  The number of tails depends on the weight of the leather, the type of leather, the width of the individual tails and the "feel" one wants the flogger to have (ie .  Thuddy vs Stingy).  The handle length varies depending on the length and weight of the tails, but is usually between 6 and 9 inches long.  All handles are braided leather, available in a variety of patterns.  I prefer to build floggers on a semi-custom basis.  This means that we discuss your wants and needs and then I build a flogger to fit those wants and needs.  Please feel free to email me to see what I have in stock or to discuss your personalized flogger. 
My whips come in a variety of lengths, colors and braiding styles.  All are made with 650 Nylon Parachord.   They all begin with a shot -loaded core covered with an 8 plait belly {I find the shot loaded core makes for ease of throwing and fluidity of the whip}.  The smaller whips {2-4 foot range} have a 12 Plait overlay on top of the belly.  The longer whips {4-6 foot range} have a 16 Plait overlay.    All whips come with a small hanging loop, extra crackers and can be made with or without a fall. 
The Dragon Tail is a single tailed whip make of light leather.  It is not braided.  The feel can range from light and sensuous to a viscious bite that is capable of drawing blood.  The feel can be rather thuddy or very sharp, stingy.  It is light and easy to use in a variety of ways.  Can be made in a variety of colors. PRICING  IS USD$65.00 
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